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Three apps for stressed students

by Grace Gerardi

The end of a semester is a hectic time during which organization is often neglected. Important tasks fall through the cracks due to the sheer size of student’s workload. In order to save time, it is important that a student’s study materials are as mobile as they can be. For this reason, educational and organizational phone applications are invaluable during finals season.

One such app is MyStudyLife. MyStudyLife is an online planner which provides numerous highly customizable features. The app color-codes each class and creates an easily understood calendar of the school year and important events. A dynamic class schedule provides a minute-by-minute countdown of remaining class time and the tasks that must be completed. It is an excellent resource for students who have difficulty keeping track of their various upcoming assignments and tests.

Another app which is perfect for on-the-go students is Duolingo. The language-learning app has a bright and friendly interface, making it easily accessible and fun to use. The “streak” feature, which tracks the number of consecutive days the user has visited the app, encourages students to practice on a regular basis by providing in-app rewards. It offers a wide variety of languages including two of the foreign languages offered by Batavia High School: Spanish and French. The organization of the app allows students to practice specific skills with which they may struggle, making it an excellent method of studying for finals.

Games can provide some solace from end-of-semester hysterics, but that does not prevent them from being thought-provoking. Monument Valley, an app which sells for $3.99 on iTunes, is worth every cent. It requires players to manipulate reality and perspective in order for the main character, Ida, to reach a goal. The atmospheric music and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the app is calming, which may help students to relax during free time.

The end of this semester may be stressful, but it need not be painful. There are plenty of tools available to help students succeed under pressure.

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