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Key Club making impact on community

By Wah Htoo

Key club is a volunteering club that rounds kids together to help the community and improve their character. They do multiple activities and have many members.

”Key club is a student lag association,”  said president Maggie Keating.

The association gives many students the opportunity for volunteering with different and multiple variation.

“Key club is a community oriented club that brings people together,” said Jackson Lambert, the organization’s news editor.

The club is meant mostly to help people improve and help others in need. The joining fee is $15.

The key club members help with care and heart to aid people all around Batavia. They also help out with fundraisers including the ones at Geneva Park District.

“The fundraisers are really fun,” Keating said. “It is rewarding because you give back to your community as well as helping your friends. Also, it’s good to know you helped your community.”

The members give aid and help as many people as possible. The members go home tired but with smiles on their faces as they know they did something right. The club helps everyone even the pantry. “There are probably more than 100 members in this club,” Lambert said. This results to a seven-man student staff group that run the club and keeps it going. The staff does include teachers but most of them are students.

There are seven main student staff members including four other members to represent each grade. These seven are the President (Keating), Vice President (Bridget Grimm), Secretary (Sara Wheat), Treasurer (Will Freiburger), Statistical Secretary (Will McClure), Editor (Lambert), Publicist (Lida Marsico).

As they step into the room looking over the crowd of people they ready themselves. They look around and the conversation starts. No pauses, no putting it off, they get straight to the point. They make jokes all with smiles and talk about the future. “What are we going to do? How can we help?” are questions that they ask themselves.

“It’s a way to communicate participates and volunteer opportunities,” said Bridgit Ball. “its a lot of fun and you get to hear about a lot of the activities. And you get to meet the clubbers that are involved.”

“They grow in leadership and confidence and they see the direct impact that they have in their community, and it fosters the habit in the adult years,” said club sponsor Marnie Heim. “The community benefits from their hard work and it helps people through hard times.”

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