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Cubs rock the World Series

By Maggie Boersma

On Wed., Nov. 2, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. The Chicago Cubs had been denied a World Series win for 108 years. After their last win in 1908, they definitely deserved this win. It’s been a shocking 108 years since they last won the World Series in baseball.

Grant Brisbee called the Cubs the “best team in baseball” in his new article on the SBNation website. It’s true that after the stunning victory, Cubs fans far and wide agreed with his view.

And as millions of people crowd the streets to watch parades and celebrate, you can bet they’ve gained many more fans. Since it had been such a long time since their last victory, many people had originally thought that the beloved Cubs were cursed. Their continued losses stopped, however, as they successfully placed first in the World Series this year.

The Cubs definitely worked hard for this win, though. In general, national baseball players’ days include hours of lifting weights, practicing, and training. On, an article spoke of the tough training of the average MLB team. According to the article, the practices are usually something around three and a half hours long, and of course those practices are extended in the offseason.

The games also last a long time, and are often accompanied by long trips traveling to other states. Even after games, players spend time training and lifting weights. Players often meet with trainers and health experts.

Individual training is important to Cubs players and all other people playing MLB baseball. The hours spent practicing with the others build teamwork skills and overall cohesion, and let them get to know each other better. However, individual practice lets them focus on their personal training needs. Lifting weights and practicing batting happen both with their team and on their own, and their busy schedules are filled with practice.

Based on the hard work performed by the Cubs this past season, it is not shocking that they won the World Series this year, and should be congratulated on their win.

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