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How Autumn crazy are you? Take this quiz and find out!

By Kyra Swims

1. What are your thoughts on plaid?
A. It’s disgusting. No one should wear it
B. It’s ok, but I wouldn’t wear it
C. I own maybe two or three shirts

2. Do you own any sweaters?
A. Not at all
B. Maybe one or two
C. Half of my wardrobe consists of sweaters
D. My whole wardrobe consists of sweaters

3. How much do you like pumpkin spice?
A. It’s the worst drink ever created by man.
B. It smells good, but I wouldn’t drink it.
C. I’ll get it every once in awhile.
D. I drink it throughout the year.

4. How excited are you for Halloween?
A. I don’t really care for it
B. Eh, free candy I guess
C. I’ve had my costume planned for the past month.
D. I’ve had my costume planned since last Halloween.

5. Would you like some candy corn?
A. No thanks, I’d rather not eat wax.
B. Ehh, why not?
C. Well, since you’re offering.
D. *takes bag and runs*

6. Do you own any autumn-scented candles?
A. No, I’m good.
B. They smell good, but I wouldn’t buy one.
C. Maybe one.
D. Is this even a question?

7. Have you made any excuses to wear scarves outside of fall?
A. No, I don’t even own one.
B. Eh, I can wait.
C. No… (I mean yes).
D. I’m wearing mine in 80-degree weather.

8. Are you picking/carving any pumpkins this year?
A. Do I care?
B. Maybe.
C. Yeah, a few.
D. I’ve already bought my pumpkins.

9. Do you like apple cider?
A. No, I’d rather not burn my taste buds.
B. I don’t mind it.
C. Sure, it’s ok.
D. Yes, give me every flavor you have.

10. Is fall your favorite season?
A. My least favorite actually.
B. Nice weather, I guess.
C. I love it.
D. I wish it was fall all 365 days of the year.



Answered mostly As – You must really not like the season of the painted trees.

Answered mostly Bs – You just go with the flow; you don’t care for fall, but you don’t hate it either.

Answered mostly Cs – You enjoy the weather and all the season has to offer.

Answered mostly Ds – You have a case of fall fever.

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