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Four easy date night ideas in Batavia

By Claire Gearhart

1. Stargazing

What’s better than spending an evening underneath the alluring stars with some tasty treats, cozy blankets, and the exceptional company of someone close to you? Stargazing is a clear and effortless way of having a nice date with someone. This is one of the most accessible dates out there. It can be done anywhere as elaborate as a rooftop in the city or as simple as in your own backyard. Either way, it’s sure to be romantic and show a special someone you care.

2. Doughocracy

Doughocracy is a wonderful and casual restaurant where you can order a personal pizza for a cheap price. This establishment is on 3rd Street, and is a hot place for dates. The atmosphere is lovely, the customer service is friendly, and it’s an all-around marvelous place to spend time with someone you are close to.

3. Ice Skating

Ice skating is a fun and fairly cheap way to break the ice (pun intended) with someone. It’s a nice way to laugh together and bond over an experience. You’re sure to have fun no matter what, and the atmosphere is great for mulling over awkward pauses in conversation.

4. Apple Picking

Apple picking is a nice hour or two date where you can reap the rewards. Especially in Batavia where a place like Windy Acres exists so close. During apple picking, you and the one your date can talk with each other and afterward have the great experience of eating the delicious apples you picked. It is especially enjoyable when places in and around Batavia usually have delicious cider, games, and corn mazes for you to also enjoy.

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