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A freezing cold winter Mad Libs

By Rudy Mix

How to use a “Mad Libs” article: make sure to write or copy/paste the article, and ask someone to help fill in the blanks. Ask them to give words for what is in the parenthesis and fill in the blanks. Then, read the full thing to them.

Every (amount of time), in (name) for the past (amount of time) it has been (adjective) cold outside! Many roads are (adjective) due to the (adjective) amount of snow (verb) onto the ground. This snow has (past tense verb) in the roads, on people’s houses, and even on some (plural noun)! The mix of snow and cold is (adjective) and  (adjective)!

When (pronoun) get up during (time of day), somehow these (previous pronoun) are able to withstand this (adjective) cold! When they make their (time of day) commute, it is absolutely (adjective)! On the streets, there are many (plural occurrence) happening, and all of it just seems to be so (adjective) with this cold. Some (previous pronoun) are able to make it to the (place) just in time for (holiday).   Hopefully, (previous pronoun) are able to get what they want and need, such as a(n) (object) or a(n) (object) or even a(n) (object). Somehow, these (previous pronoun) can get to their jobs in the town of (name) and end up (adjective) and (adjective) in their buildings where they work. Even in this cold, they still continue on with their day.

On the (place) in the town, meteorologists stand (adjective) about this weather. There has never been anything as (adjective) as this since the great blizzard of (year)! Many meteorologists are (adjective) that it is this cold. Recently, in (month) it was (adjective) hot. So how can it be so (adjective) cold now? The meteorologists are totally (verb) in ideas and debates of what could have caused such a(n) (adjective) phenomenon. The meteorologists just sent out teams of (plural noun) who will try and (past tense verb) to figure out what the source of this cold is. As people (verb) to research and understand this weather, the (previous pronoun) will hopefully be able to survive the cold!

At (time of day) the teams the meteorologists sent out were able to find the source! Some of it is still (verb) through the (plural noun), but there is enough information right now. In the (adjective) (time of day), the source is being (verb) on the news and the (object) on channel (number). After a(n) (adjective) (number) of (noun) the meteorologists were able to relax their (adjective) (noun). It turns out the source was a(n) (object)! Many people are (emotion) about the recent discovery, while others feel (emotion) about the news. Most are surprised that their weather team was (adjective) enough to figure it out. Almost everyone though is (adjective) about the source. However, the (previous pronoun) go about their days still. They are (adjective) when it comes to this cold, and will stay with such (adjective).

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