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What upcoming movie should you see? Take this quiz and find out

By Katie Cole

1. How do you feel about movies with sequels?

A. Some of them are OK, but it depends on the series.

B. If the movie has a good ending, there’s no need for a sequel.

C. Sequels always ruin the first movie.

D. The more movies, the better!

2. If a movie is based off a book, would you read the book before seeing the movie?

A. Maybe, if it was a comic.

B. Of course!

C. Maybe, if the movie looked interesting.

D. Probably not, that is too much work.

3. If a movie had a sequel that was coming out in three years how would you feel?

A. Excited! I would mark the date down on my calendar and preoccupy myself with reading every article and watching every trailer.

B. Happy! At least there’s going to be a sequel; some series just give up.

C. Indifferent. It is what it is, but they better make it good.

D. Angry! That’s such a long time to wait!

4. Pick your favorite 2017 movie:

A. Spider-Man: Homecoming

B. Everything, Everything

C. Breathe

D. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

5. Pick an movie from the 80s:

A. Flash Gordon

B. The Breakfast Club

C. The Princess Bride

D. The Goonies

6. My dream weekend would include (only 1):

A. Binge-watching Netflix

B. Shopping with my friends

C. Hanging with my girlfriend/boyfriend

D. Doing some type of outdoor activity with my friends

7. How do you feel about all the Marvel Movies?

A. They’re all amazing!

B. They’re good, but why are there so many?

C. I don’t really like them

D. Most of them are good

8. How do you feel about the Nicholas Sparks movies and books?

A. I did not like any of them

B. Some of them were OK

C. I loved them!

D. I’ve never seen any

9. Do you like horror movies?

A. I like most of them

B. I only like a few of them, most of them are stupid

C. No they’re too scary

D. I love all of them!

10. What’s your favorite television show?

A. The Flash

B. The Office

C. Friends

D. Stranger Things




If you had mostly A’s:

You should see Black Panther

This sci-fi fantasy starring Chadwick Boseman is a Marvel Studios Film, based off the comic Black Panther.

Release Date: February 16


If you had mostly B’s:

You should see Every Day

This fantasy drama starring Angourie Rice and Justice Smith is based off of David Levithan’s novel Every Day.

Release Date: February 23


If you got mostly C’s:

You should see Forever My Girl

This film based off of Heidi McLaughlin’s novel and starring Alex Roe and Jessica Roth is a romance about how fame and fortune affects relationships.

Release Date: January 16


If you got mostly D’s:

You should see The Maze Runner: The Death Cure

This is the much anticipated sci-fi fantasy based off James Dashner’s novels. Starring Dylan O’Brien as Thomas, Kaya Scodelario as Teresa, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Newt, The Death Cure is the final movie in the trilogy.

Release Date: January 26

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