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Top 10 things to do during the winter season

By Allyson Mata

1.  Go shopping

During the winter season shopping is always a great option. Before Christmas, it’s great to go Christmas shopping for friends and family. It’s also a great time to get new winter clothes and stay warm this Winter.

2.  Visit Friends

When it’s cold out it’s hard to get out and go places but, it’s a great time to go and visit friends. Spending time with friends you don’t see that often is a great choice to do especially during the holiday season. Also, there are plenty of things to do with friends just at home like watching movies, making cookies, or just hanging out.

3.  Ice skating

Ice skating is a personal favorite of mine and my friends. It’s very affordable for teenagers. There are a lot of places to go ice skating like downtown Batavia. Ice skating can be an all-day activity with your friends and family where you spend quality time and have a lot of fun together!

4.  Stay in and watch movies

Waking up on a Sunday morning and seeing that it’s snowing out makes me want to lay in bed the whole day and watch movies with some hot chocolate. It can be relaxing and stress relieving since the school can be a lot of work and just have a relaxing day can help a lot.

5.  Visit Chicago

Visiting Chicago is a favorite of mine since there are so many things to do. The cold can be a problem, though. But, there are plenty of things to do inside. Visiting Maggie Daley Park or going to Water Tower Place are two great choices to do during winter.

6.  See Christmas Lights

Even though Christmas is over, the lights during it are beautiful. Downtown Chicago’s lights are beautiful and great to take pictures with. Mooseheart also has Christmas lights that people can drive in and look at them and are very cool. The Larson House in Elburn is also a beautiful thing to go see since these people light up their house that goes along with a radio stations music.

7.  Play in the snow

I know most people haven’t played in the snow since they were in fifth grade but it can be fun activities to do with friends. Playing in the snow on a Saturday morning with friends or siblings can boost your mood from school and just be a fun time.

8. Visit Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo can be a be a fun activity all year long but in the wintertime, there are a lot of events that go on and they put up beautiful lights.  It is a great thing to go to with friends and family and have a great time!

9. Go to a festival

Chicago holds tons of festivals especially in Navy Pier that can be a great choice to do on a weekend.  Some of the festivals they have are Winter Brew, Chicago Ale fest, Cider Summit Chicago and so much more.Especially, during the holiday season festivals can be a great thing to do to get out of the house and spend time with loved ones.

10. Sledding

I know sledding seems like something lots of people haven’t done since they were younger but it can be a great thing to do with friends for an all day thing and have a lot of fun.  There are lots of places to sled near Batavia like the Windmill hill in Geneva and Johnson’s Mound is fun as well.

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