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Top five apps for highschoolers

By Isabel Mach

In this generation of teenagers, most are very dependent on their phones. Whether someone has an Iphone X or a Samsung Galaxy, there is one thing they all have in common: entertaining apps? In my opinion here are some of the apps that can be useful.


1. SAT PREP- Tired of books and flashcards? This is an app created by Ready4 targeted for studying concepts on the SAT that will be on your phone at all times. Your progress will be stored then will show all of your strengths and weaknesses in certain areas of concepts.

2. Shazam- Rocking out to the music in the grocery store? Don’t know the song? Fear not, Shazam is an app where you click a button and it uses your phone’s microphone to pick up the audio and finds the song in a matter of seconds! It pops up with the song name, artist, lyrics, and a music video if there is one!

3. VSCO- This is a photo editing app. You can add filters to your photos before you post them to your other media apps! There may be payments involved if you want upgrades but the options you get for free are just as good. You can also look through others’ wonderful pieces of work.

4.Tandem- Learning new languages can be hard, but with this app, you are able to talk to Tutors and even Native speakers of a certain Language. All on your phone for anytime anywhere.

5. Desmos Graphing Calculator- This app is a great alternative to a regular graphing calculator. It is much easier to use and helps a lot with the completion of homework. You can use it to see how different equations can be graphed.

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