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Find your Spring Break destination!

By: Erin Golen

Are you trying to plan your vacation for spring break but can’t figure out where to go? Take this quiz to solve that problem!


Keep track of your answers!


 1.)What’s your favorite type of weather?

  1. Snowy and chilly
  2. Warm, beach weather
  3. Rainy and tropical
  4. Windy or moderate temperature

2.) What do you like to do on vacation?

  1. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and hiking
  2. Go to the beach
  3. Explore the rainforest
  4. Exploring around big cities

3.) Which way do you like to travel?

  1. Plane, because you don’t want bad driving conditions
  2. Plane, to save time for more vacation days
  3. Plane, because you like to travel far
  4. Driving to save money

4.) What kind of food would you like to eat?

  1. Cooked meats and fish
  2. Seafood or basic American food
  3. Fish, fruits, vegetables
  4. Nuts, berries, soup, pasta

5.) What kind of place would you like to stay?

  1. Igloo Hotels
  2. Beach house/lake house
  3. Cruise
  4. Camping tents

6.) How much are you willing to spend on where you stay?

  1. $500 per night
  2. $279 per night
  3. $243 per night
  4. $159 total

7.) What kind of animals do you like to see?

  1. Deer, bear, fox, wolves, and lynx
  2. Sea life and mammals
  3. Mammal, birds, and reptiles
  4. Deer, bobcats, bears, and deer



If you had mostly 1’s go to- Lapland, Switzerland

If you had mostly 2’s go to- Key West, Fla.

If you had mostly 3’s go to- Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

If you had mostly 4’s go to- Cirque of the Towers, Wyo.

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