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And the Academy Award goes to…

By Vanessa True

The 90th Academy Awards airs on ABC on March 4. The Oscar nominations for 2018 are packed with talent and are sure to keep the nominees and people around the world watching on the edge of their seats.

This year’s show will be hosted by second timer, Jimmy Kimmel. The show will surely be filled with political and social statements in lights of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, and surely Kimmel will poke fun at last year’s “Best Picture” envelope mishap that made history and headlines.

As the world’s most prestigious film industry award show nears, let’s predict the major winners of the night…


Best Picture:

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Months after Mildred Hayes’s daughter was raped and murder, she turns to using three billboards in her town to question the sheriff on the unsolved case.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri has been predicted, based on the success of the film throughout awards season, that it will end its domination of the awards season by taking home the ultimate title, an Oscar. Personally, I found the movie to maintain my interest, because it is a crime drama. You find yourself connecting to the characters.

IMDb 8.3/10


Actor in a Leading Role:

Timothée Chalamet, Call Me by Your Name

This is the actor’s first Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of Elio.

With being Although only in the spotlight for a short time, Chalamet caught the eyes and respect of the film industry very quickly. Being 18, just one year older than the character Chalamet portrayed, gave the character a great coming of age and accepting yourself feel that I believe many teenagers can relate to. The 22-year-old recently made headlines for not wanting to make a profit off his new 2018 film with Woody Allen in lights of the sexual harassment allegations involving Allen. His share will go towards organizations such as Time’s Up.

IMDb 8.3/10


Actress in a Leading Role:

Saoirse Ronan, Lady Bird

This is the actress’ third Academy Award nomination (2007, 2015) for her portrayal of Lady Bird McPherson.

Ronan will finally win her first Academy Award after coming so close with her 2015’s Brooklyn nomination. The story follows Lady Bird as she comes of age, which is comedically and emotionally moving.

IMDb 7.9/10


Actor in a Supporting Role:

Richard Jenkins, The Shape of Water

This is the actor’s second Academy Award nomination (2008) for his portrayal of Giles.

Jenkins is well known for his roles in iconic comedy films such as Elf and Step Brothers. His role in The Shape of Water was a unique side of him that is not always seen; therefore, his acting stuck in people’s minds.

IMDb 7.9/10


Actress in a Supporting Role:

Alison Janney, I, Tonya

This is the actress’ first Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of LaVona, Tonya Harding’s unstable mother.

Janney has received significant praise for how she was able to embody her character. Simply by watching videos of the woman she is portraying then watching her act in the film is so precisely correct, it’s amazing.

IMDb 7.7/10


Animated Feature Film:


Disobedient, music-loving, Miguel Rivera plays the guitar in his home, where music is banned. When breaking the rules he is transported to the Land of the Dead where he must make peace with his past relatives, who were first to ban music, in order to come home.

Coco is not just a “kid movie” that you would be forced to watch while babysitting. No, it is a powerful movie that all ages can enjoy. It shows how love and family come together, that I believe is helpful to everyone.

IMDb 8.6/10



Dunkirk, Hoyte van Hoytema

In the Spring of 1940, British and Allied troops are trapped at the beaches of Dunkirk, France, by German troops.

This movie was so successful that it was re-released for a limited time in theaters months after its original opening week. This film is so genuinely beautiful that the story becomes much more emotionally powerful than it already was. Viewers feel immersed in the film while watching as if they were there in Dunkirk.

IMDb 8.1/10



Get Out, Jordan Peele

This is just one out of the three Academy Awards Get Out is nominated for at this year’s Oscars.

Anyone who has seen Get Out has been put through a rollercoaster of emotions and entertainment. This film is not only speaking out on social issues that are important today, but it also gives the viewers a heart-racing story. Personally, this movie had me guessing the whole time and did a great job at maintaining interest.

IMDb 7.7/10

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