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Sophie Le Q&A

By Allyson Mata

Sophie Le is a freshman here at BHS with a talent at art that can be seen in an Art gallery in St Charles. She has been drawing since she was little from the help of her architect parents teaching her everything. Art isn’t the only talent she has; she is also an amazing volleyball player and photographer.

Q: What inspired you to get involved with art?

Le: “My parents are Architects and they always wanted me to draw and do what they do a when I grow up. I did that and ever since then I love drawing and have always done it since and it’s always been something that I love.”

Q: How do you show your art?

A: “I show my art by going to this yearly Art Gallery in St Charles and I also show it through social media.”

Q: What type of art do you do?

A: “I love drawing and oil paint. Oil paint is my favorite thing to do, I usually draw with graphite, but oil painting is basically what I do every day.”

Q: How long have you been drawing/painting?

A: “I have been painting for around six years and I’ve been drawing for seven.”

Q: What are other hobbies you are into other than art?

A: “I’m also into volleyball since like seventh grade. I also like photography. I do it a lot and something I really enjoy.”

Q: How does art affect your life?

A: “Art has affected my life by always having something that you’re so in to and It’s kind of a therapy,  so whenever you’re having a day where you’re just not feeling it, you always know that you can just shut everybody out and go and just do what you love doing.”

Q: Do you do any art for BHS?

A: “Yes, I do. I am in art fundamentalist right now and I’m hoping to  go into AP art and more advanced art classes in the future.”

Q: Do you see yourself in the future taking on a career in art?

A: “Yes, I do. I actually really want to do what my parents are doing and become an architect because I love drawing. I think the best job ever is to be an architect and because I could design buildings and some really cool stuff!”

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