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Top 15 movies coming out in 2018

By Abigail Solano

Although the Oscars are quickly approaching and will be highlighting the top movies of 2017, there are many anticipated and upcoming movies of 2018 moviegoers still should start looking into.

1. The 15:17 to Paris, Feb. 9

Based on a true story, this thriller/drama is about three heroes riding a train to Paris that had been attacked by terrorists. It shows the backstory of each man, the moments of how each of them happened to be in the right place at the right time, and the moment when they saved up to 500 passengers riding the train.

2. Black Panther, Feb. 16

Marvel’s newest action/sci-fi release stars Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa, otherwise known as Black Panther, who has recently become a king after his father’s death. The film focuses on his struggle against his enemies like Klaw in order to save his people of Wakanda along with the entire world.

3. A Wrinkle in Time, March 9

This movie based on the book goes through a warped dimensions of time and space when a young girl named Meg goes searching for her scientist father who got lost on another planet and is being held captive there. The cast of this fantasy/sci-fi includes stars like Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Chris Pine.

4. Love, Simon, March 16

Nick Robinson plays Simon in this film, a student who has not opened up to anyone that he is gay and who has fallen for someone he met online. The only problem is that he does not know the identity of this person he has fallen for. This movie, a combination of comedy and romance, explores Simon’s time trying to figure out his life regarding opening up to the people he loves about his sexuality and discovering the identity of his mysterious online love.

5. Midnight Sun, March 23

This drama/romance focuses on the life of Katie, played by Bella Thorne, and a condition that has kept her out of the sun for 17 years. Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, plays Charlie who notices Katie and they begin a summer romance, but one where she can only go out at night.

6. Ready Player One, March 29

This sci-fi adventure film revolves around an alternate universe where the highlight of people’s days is logging into their own virtual reality world called the OASIS. When the creator of this virtual reality dies, he releases a challenge to its users to find a hidden Easter Egg that he placed before his death and the winner will receive a fortune.

7. Truth or Dare, April 13

This horror film starring Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey centers around an innocent game of truth or dare being played between friends. When the members of the group begin to lie and refuse dares, things take a deadly turn as they are penalized by whoever, or whatever, is controlling the game.

8. Deadpool 2, May 18

This sequel fantasy/action movie starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson focuses around the new adventures of Deadpool. In this film, he fights against ninjas, the yakuza, canines, and any other obstacles that come his way.  

9. Ocean’s 8, June 8

With a cast including Rihanna, Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, and other well-known movie stars, Ocean’s 8 is a crime thriller about eight female thieves trying to steal an $150-million necklace from the Met Gala.

10. The Incredibles 2, June 15

After waiting 14 years since the release of The Incredibles, Pixar will finally be releasing its sequel. This film focuses on the life of Mr. Incredible, voiced by Craig T. Nelson, taking care of his kids while his wife, Elastigirl, voiced by Holly Hunter, is out fighting crime.

11. The First Purge, July 4

As a prequel to the other three Purge movies, this will show the events that led up to the first ever Purge, which is a night where all crimes are legal for 12 hours. Set in a dystopian society of America, this thriller explores how the night became accepted as the 28th Amendment.

12. Alpha, Sep. 14

This thriller is about a boy who has been left behind after being thought to be dead after hunting with his tribe. He must learn how to survive on his own through the severe conditions of the wild. He encounters a wolf who he learns to survive with along with the rest of its pack who help him find his way home alive.

13. First Man, Oct. 12

This biography tells the story of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. Ryan Gosling plays Armstrong as the film tells the story of his life leading up to the moment when he is able to take the risk of walking on the moon and the hardships in making it there by America 75and himself.

14. Bohemian Rhapsody, Dec. 25

This movie tells the biography of the band Queen’s vocalist Freddie Mercury who is portrayed by Rami Malek. The lives of the band are also told through this drama film and focuses on their time leading up to their 1985 performance at Live Aid.  

15. Mary Poppins Returns, Dec. 25

With Emily Blunt starring as Mary Poppins, this movie will be set in the 1930s, as the rest of the movies have been. It will tell the story of Mary Poppins returning into the lives of the Banks family after she suffers a loss of her own and how she brings them back to a time of happiness.

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