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Music of the mind

By Bri Pierce

Ever clueless of how to relish in a certain mood? Here’s a guide on how to work with emotions using the beauty of music.

Bad Day- “Float On” by Modest Mouse

Listening to this song makes it impossible to not love the awful things that happen in life. It makes it seem like the bad things in life are necessary to feel happy and laugh. Humor is rooted from the miseries of life.

Confused- “The Usual Chords” by Slow Runner

This song is a mix of piano music and depressing words but the beat is uplifting and fun. The instrumental puts you in a satisfied mood but then when you listen to the lyrics it’s very upsetting. It’s the definition of juxtaposition and that’s why when confused it is the number one song I go to.

Embarrassed- “Raspberry” by Grouplove

This song lets out all built up emotions. It’s a great jam for the car ride when you are in the mood to blow your speakers. The lyrics are extremely relatable when an embarrassing moment happens because it talks about being embarrassed and nervous to talk to a crush. After you give this song a listen you won’t be getting it out of your head for a few months.

Groovy- “Fluorescent Adolescent” by Arctic Monkeys

The instrumental in this song says it all. If you want to dance around your dimly light room all night feeling wild then give this song a listen. No dance movements to this song can be wrong. That ranges from flaring arms around like a rabid monkey to pulling the axel jump in figure skating you just saw in the Olympics.

Content- “Young Blood” by Noah Kahan
I promise you, whatever mood you’re in, this song will make you content with everything in your life.

Procrastinating- “Migraine” by Twenty One Pilots

This song is possible to jam out to for 35 hours straight. The number one reason this song helps with procrastination is because it’s impossible to listen to this song without your full attention. You must dance along, you must sing along, and you must pretend you’re in the music video. Good luck ever getting anything done again.

Dancing- “$ave Dat Money” (Feat. Fetty Wap & Rich Homie Quan)

First of all, the music video for this song could bring world peace. If everyone could let loose and dance to this song then the world would be a much better place.

Gloomy – “Revenge” by XXXTENTACTION
This artist has a gift for making people feel miserable. Not to say his songs aren’t worthy but if you ever feel gloomy this song will certainly fulfill those emotions. Let alone the entire album…

Angry- “Black Cadillacs” by Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse is a blessing that is not taken advantage of. The song “Black Cadillacs” will take the words right out of your mouth when you just want to hit a wall. When you feel outraged at the world and don’t know how to express it, go outside with a speaker and turn this song up as loud as you can until the neighbors call a noise complaint on you.  

Chill- “Fangs” by Matt Champion

All you need with this song is an ice tea and a pair of shades.

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