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How to be on time for class

By Neal Patel

The number one thing students dread is how early school starts in the morning. Since the early start time, it’s hard to be on time, especially in the winter when there’s snow on the ground. So not only are people rushed to get on time, they also have to conquer the snow and cold weather. However, there are ways to avoid being late to class and there much easier than you think. These three helpful tips will be sure to get you on time in the morning.

  1. Wake up extra early –

This will give you more time to get ready in the morning. By getting up just 10-15 minutes earlier, the commute to school will be quicker. Waking up earlier also enables one to have more time: more time to get ready in the morning and more time to eat breakfast. Most of the time kids don’t eat breakfast in the morning because they don’t have any time. So by waking up early kids will be able to get their nutrients in. By waking up extra early, there will be more time in the morning to get ready and time to eat breakfast.

  1. Go to bed early the night before –

Going to bed an hour or two earlier doesn’t just help people get to school on time early, it also gives them more energy. Pupils usually have little to no energy in the morning because of the lack of sleep the night before. This messes up their fatigue and makes it hard for them to stay awake in class. By going to bed early, this gives them more energy in the morning and it will help them stay awake in class. The recommended amount of sleep a night for a student is 9.25 hours, so getting at least that much will be very beneficial. Going to bed early will give these undergrads the boost in the morning and will help them get on time for school.

  1. Have outfit picked out the night before –

Most of the time juniors are late in the morning because they have no idea what to wear the next day; this causes them to take forever to pick out an outfit. By checking the weather the night before, it will help them pick out an outfit. Then they can pick out an outfit to wear the next day and have it all ready in the morning. This gives them an extra 5-10 minutes of time, which is a lot in the morning. By picking out an outfit the night before, it helps them get to school on time in the morning.

It’s never easy getting to school on time, especially when it starts so early. By following these easy steps students will be on time for school every day. They will also get more sleep which increases their energy, and that in turn makes them learn better. So not only are these 3 ways helpful for students, teachers will have more wide awake and ready-to-learn kids.

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