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Top 10 Winter Olympics to Watch

By Erin Golden

Have you ever been watching the Olympics but you’re just not sure what sport to watch? Well here’s a list of what to watch and why!

  • Hockey

Hockey is probably the most popular winter Olympic sport. Outside of the Olympics, it is a popular sport, as well. You get to see one of USA’s main team take on other countries around the world which is so cool to see, and the USA does very well a lot of the time!


  • Snowboarding

Why wouldn’t you want to watch snowboarding? Snowboarding is such a fun sport to watch because of all the cool trick the athletes do. Also, the USA has some great competitors from around the world every year.


  • Luge

Although luge is one of the most dangerous sports in the Olympics it is so fun to watch. People sled down on their back at 80-100 mph on a sled racing to get their best time. The winning times come down to the thousandth of a second. So if you want to be entertained by people sledding, watch luge!


  • Speed Skating

Although speed skating is the same thing over and over, it’s so fun to watch who wins at the end! The USA usually has some good competitors from around the world on the men’s and women’s  side of this event and it’s so cool to see how fast they go and the different techniques they use to beat each other.


  • Freestyle skiing

If you’re looking to watch some unique skiing turn your TV onto freestyle skiing. Athletes do crazy tricks and flip off ramps and hills to outperform each other. This event will grab your attention right from the start and keep you entertained!


  • Figure skating

Figure skating is such an amazing event because you see different trick athletes perform on skates that you would never think are even possible to land. Just recently an athlete landed the triple-axel (an amazing trick) that only three other people have ever landed in the Olympics.


  • Ski jumping

Ski jumping is very fun to watch because it makes you so eager to see how far the next athlete is going to get. Also, it is so entertaining to watch them soar through the air after they jump.


  • Bobsleigh

Bobsleigh is also a dangerous sport but very unique. It’s fun to watch the athletes work together and jump on the sled to get going. It’s fun to see how fast they go down the hill and how closely the teams finish next to each other.


  • Cross Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is such a hard sport and when you watch this it amazes you how they do what they’re doing. It doesn’t look as if they are moving quickly but really they are, and that’s the cool part.


  • Curling

Curling is aa unique sport, although it is entertaining. It’s funny to see people sweeping the floor so hard just to get a big rock object to go in the direction they want. So if you want to be entertained, watch curling.

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