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REVIEW: BØRNS returns with a hit album

By Abigail Solano

Starting off the new year strong, BØRNS released his newest album Blue Madonna on Jan. 12. After a three-year hiatus from releasing new music, 2018 has brought his second album that includes 12 noteworthy tracks. The indie/alternative album features a wide range of vocals advancing from his first album Dopamine.

BØRNS takes a turn with this album to focus on creating spiritual, down-to-earth music. The methodical sounds repeating throughout the album create a peaceful vibe, especially when listening all the way through. The 42 minutes spent listening to it all the way through are worth it. The music reveals lyrics about personal growth and learning who oneself truly is if you listen carefully to BØRNS’ message.

The first track of the album, “God Save Our Young Blood,” features Lana Del Rey. The song sends a strong message connecting on a higher, spiritual level about youth and living life to its fullest. It also takes a pause from its fast pace to tune into a focus on nature through lyrics like “God save the ocean, God save the breeze / Save the words from my lips, save the birds, save the bees.” When listening to this track, listeners can truly hear and feel the summer breeze and the sun shining down making you grateful for the world we live in.

A connectedness to nature can be heard on every track. BØRNS highlights otherworldly sounds that are soothing to listen to while doing simple things such as driving around or doing homework or just wanting to take a break from the world.

Other tracks to definitely listen to include “Blue Madonna” and “Faded Heart.” Being the name of the album, “Blue Madonna” is one not to miss. It has a groovy melody that reflects some influences from jazz style music. It also takes a slight twist with a slow tempo on a rather upbeat song. “Faded Heart” is also one to be sure to listen to with a faster tempo that features a connection to the constellations, stars, and galaxy.

With all that said, this album is a must to add to your playlist. Even if alternative is not a genre that appeals to you, this album is more than just a genre or a list of songs to be forgotten. Joining BØRNS on his spiritual journey through Blue Madonna is an inspiring one that you’re not going to want to miss.

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