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REVIEW: ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ not that perfect

By Erin Golden

Pitch Perfect 3 may not have been a perfect movie but it sure got a lot of laughs out of people, including me. Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 had a nice storyline that made sense, while Pitch Perfect 3 was a bit more jumbled and seemed to not follow the storyline as well. The movie went off in many different ways and was hard to follow at some points.

The movie starts with the girls splitting apart living their own lives. After realizing they don’t have much of lives, they come together for one more performance. Their performance takes many interesting turns, but it all comes together in the end.

Christopher Lennertz was the man behind the music. He turned regular songs into catchy, upbeat songs with great beats performed by the actress. Pitch Perfect 3 is based on acapella, which is such a fun type of music to listen to. The performances put on by the actress in the movie are so exceptional.

Along with the great music, it has amazing comedy acts. One of the funniest actors, “Fat Amy” Rebel Wilson, adds a huge spark to the movie with all her jokes. Other characters like “Beca” Anna Kendrick contribute to the comedy in their own ways creating just as many laughs. “Aubry,” Anna Camp,  the group’s leader, has a unique personality that adds even more comedy in the movie.

Like I mentioned before, the movie takes many turns, some for the good and some strange. Occasionally things link up with the previous movies and it all makes sense as to why that is happening, while other events that happen just seem to come out of the blue, unrelated to the story at all. Towards the end of the movie, things become a bit odd. It seems like the movie is rushed and wrapped up very quickly at the end, with a crazy conclusion. So, even though the story didn’t always make that much sense, it was a pretty good movie if you’re looking for some good laughs.

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