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Batavia senior makes impact on community

By Vanessa True

“I have learned how to give back to the community, organize events, and I have confidence when public speaking,” said Maggie Keating.

Since Keating’s freshmen year, she has grown due to her passion for helping others. Her passion was sparked through taking part in Key Club and Student Council, which gave her many opportunities to get out into the community and help others.

Those who have worked with Keating these last four years at Batavia High School and within the community are not surprised at all that she has become such a great leader and has developed such a great character.

“Maggie has always had a strong passion for helping out in our community,” said Key Club vice president Bridget Grimm. “She decided to get involved her freshman year by running for class representative for Key Club.”

Grimm also spoke about how she knew that Keating would continue her commitment to helping others.

“I knew then that she would only continue to develop as a leader and a student,” Grimm said.

With Keating being President of Key Club and the Executive Board publicist on Student Council, she is in charge of quite a lot of responsibilities. One event that Keating has a huge part in is Mr. BHS, a high school favorite. At this event, Batavia High School boys take part in a “beauty/talent” show for charity. This requires months of planning to ensure its success.

Senior Peter Novak, who works alongside Keating in Student Council as well as Batavia’s very own Mr. BHS, spoke about Keating’s successful job working on Mr. BHS.

“Maggie impresses me the most with Mr. BHS,” Novak said. “It’s difficult to get one high school guy to comply with rules, much less 12! She and the rest of the Key Club do a wonderful job in organizing an event that everyone loves to watch and raises tons of money for a great cause.”

All who have worked with Keating have great things to say about her and how she has continued to endlessly fulfill her roles.

“Maggie is an excellent leader who will actually get people to listen to her,” said Sara Wheat, Key Club Secretary.  “She is not extremely assertive unless she needs to be and she is always willing to listen to others.”

Being a great leader involves listening and taking into consideration everyone’s thoughts and opinions.

“Maggie is an amazing leader and president,” Grimm said. “I couldn’t imagine anyone else being more fit to run such an amazing club as Maggie. She is always prepared for all volunteer opportunities and works hard with the entire board to make sure we’re all working well together.”

Since Keating is a senior, she has her whole life ahead of her, a life to make even a bigger difference than she has already. Keating will be continuing her education in the fall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She will be trading in a bulldog for a badger. At Madison, Keating is planning on studying genetics and possibly get a certificate in criminal justice.

Being a badger runs in the Keating family, and as Keating continues the tradition of being a badger it only excites her family more.

“Beyond excited! I have family who attended Madison so they were really thrilled when they heard I got in,” Keating said.

Keating’s fellow peers are very excited and not surprised at all with her being accepted into the University of Wisconsin Madison. It is a great achievement to be accepted into a school that has such a fantastic reputation.

“I am so happy she’s going to the University of Wisconsin! I know her strong work ethic and leadership skills will lead her down great paths,” Grimm said.

Keating will only continue her path in leading others at Madison.

“I think Madison is perfect for Maggie! She will be surrounded by intelligent, motivated students just like herself that will make a great change in the world!” Novak said.

By the time graduation is here, Batavia High School and the community will surely miss Keating’s hard work and admiration for helping others. Keating is proud to say that she has become a more confident student throughout her four years here at Batavia.

“I admire how Maggie has so much passion for volunteering our community. She is responsible, caring, and very intelligent!” Grimm said. “Maggie is an amazing leader.”

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