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REVIEW: Who are the final three women?

By Yonglin Zheng

Last Monday The Bachelor aired its hometown its ever so important hometown dates. Arie visits the families’ of his final four women- Kendall, Tia, Becca K., and Lauren. This episode not only revealed which two girls’ were most committed to the process but who Arie was most interested in as well.

The first date belonged to Kendall, and as she kept labeling herself “I’m not your every girl”. She’s right- her date consisted showing Arie her collection of taxidermy and re-enacting a marriage scene with stuffed mice in which Arie didn’t find creepy at all. Things didn’t go as smoothly when mom asked her how ready she was she expressed that she is didn’t know at that point. This is not surprising, after all, this was their first actual one-on-date together. But an interesting hometown date to say the least because we learn that Kendall has a twin sister named Kylie.  

After Kendall Arie stopped by Weiner, Arkansas to meet up with Tia, one of the show’s early favorites. Tia being Tia, instead of planning the date according to her interests, she takes him to the race track to let him do his thing. During their hometown date, her father asked Arie about being a “lady’s man” and then tells him that he can track Arie down after this as if no one else could track Arie down using Google as well. After the hometown, it because pretty evident that Tia perhaps is one of the girls most ready for Arie to propose.

Becca’s hometown, like all her other dates, was pretty anti-climatic. When her family grilled him about religion (he has admitted being an atheist) he saves himself by saying “I’m not far along my spiritual journey but I’m open to getting there.”

They certainly saved the best hometown date for last. This is perhaps the most anticipated date as from earlier episodes we saw just how focused Arie was on Lauren even though their dates have been full of awkward silences and this one was no exception. Lauren and Arie both claim that they have so much in common and they are very mentally connected in interviews. Maybe that’s why they barely exchange more than ten words each date. Lauren’s family seemed distant and her father was rather intimidating. Arie even stepped aside to wipe the sweat off his forehead. The date turns out fine after Arie charms her father with a story of how he went with other race car drivers did a promo tour for troops in Iraq.

The rose ceremony surprised us all when he pulled Kendall aside for a lengthy conversation about her uncertainty. It was one of the season’s best episodes yet- full of awkwardness, anxiety but mostly genuine excitement. At this point, we start to feel more for Arie and makes the finale worth tuning in on.

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