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Q&A with Rock the Runway winner Preston Williams

This year, the 2018 “Rock the Runway” was the biggest one yet with tons of amazing and unique dresses and accessories. This year’s winner was Preston Williams, who was the first freshman winner to ever win the competition. Preston made a two-piece dress and her model Sarah Dremel walked the runway all eyes were on the dress. For the top of her dress, she put on beads one by one to create an incredible design and for the bottom, she used construction paper, rolled it up, and folded it to get the look she created.


Q- What gave you your inspiration to create your dress?

Williams- “Female empowerment and strength.”


Q- How long did it take you?

A-“Eight months.”


Q-How did you feel when you heard your name saying that you won?

A- “I honestly don’t know if I can’t put it into words, just shocked and really happy.”


Q- Is there anything you wish you could have changed about your dress?

A- “I was literally hot gluing her into it 15 minutes before she walked.”


Q- How did you pick your model?

A- “I think Sarah is a beautiful girl and has really pretty hair. Also, she is really easy going.”


Q-Do you think you will continue designing your next three years of high school?

A- “Heck yes, I already have ideas for next year!”


Q- What is one thing you think that people should know about “Rock the Runway” if they are thinking about designing?

A- “Rock the runway is a competition for everyone and that you really shouldn’t be nervous or scared to try because anyone could win and/or do well!”


Q- Was it a shock to you that you won?

A- “It was a huge shock that I won to literally everyone including myself!”

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