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What flavor ice cream are you?

By Izzy Mach

1. When stuck at home alone do you…

a. Clean or do work

b. Watch Tv

c. Make plans with friends


2. Your favorite thing to do on a Friday is

a. Finish all your homework before the weekend

b. Sleep till Saturday

c. Party hard


3. The best part of summer is…

a. All the free time for work


c. Late nights with friends


4. You are on your phone…

a. Barely during the day

b. 24/7

c. Playing music


5. Your go-to outfit is…

a. Anything that gives easy movement

b.Sweats all day everyday

c.The most expensive one in your closet


6. Pick a place to travel

a. New York

b. Hawaii

c.Las Vegas


7. Favorite thing in your room?

a. Books


c. music player


8. Your favorite kind of music is…..


b. Jazz

c. Fast Pop




If you chose mostly A- You’re Vanilla! A simple serious flavor, although it’s a basic one it’s still loved by all!

If you chose mostly B- Cookies n Cream! You are probably the lazy type but that doesn’t mean its bad, combining two different sweets in one sitting!

If you chose mostly C- Sorbet! You sure are different from the rest, fruity and fun!

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