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Top eight new songs this week

By Leah Wukitsch and Maddie Smith

Are you looking for new music? Do you like discovering new songs? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Below is a list of songs that are new this week.

  1. “Call Out My Name” – The Weeknd – People say “Call Out My Name” is about ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. In the song, he talks about giving his heart to a girl that left him for another man. People are referring that as Selena Gomez leaving him for Justin Bieber. In fact, The Weeknd explains in one of his lyrics that he was almost about to give his kidney to Gomez to save her from dying.
  2. “Delicate” – Taylor Swift – Swift’s song “Delicate” is about how the media sees her as this person who goes from man to man but she reminds fans that she’s going to stay her true self. In the music video for “Delicate,” Swift is surrounded by paparazzi and is on a red carpet doing interviews. By the end of the video, she seems to find happiness by just being herself and dancing in the rain. It kind of gave me a “Shake It Off” vibe because she dances awkwardly and is herself in that music video, too.
  3. “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” – Panic! At The Disco – This song tells of the journey of the narrator as he abandons the frivolous and exhausting notion that he could somehow change himself to fit into the mold prescribed to him, and he instead chooses to embrace the religion of Saturday night.
  4. “God’s Plan” – Drake – In “God’s Plan,” Drake talks about how he has haters but God is always with him.
  5. “In My Blood” – Shawn Mendes – In the song “In My Blood,” Mendes explains that this song is mostly about not giving up.
  6. “Be Careful” – Cardi B – In “Be Careful”, Cardi B expresses that she is upset because Offset, her now ex, cheated on her again. So in the song, she’s saying she’s very fragile.
  7. “Lost In Japan” – Shawn Mendes – After dropping “In My Blood”, Mendes dropped another song called “Lost In Japan”. Fans are speculating that “Lost In Japan” is about best friend Camila Cabello since they were in Japan at the same time. I personally think they should date but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.
  8. “Havana” – Camila Cabello – In the song “Havana,” Cabello explains that she misses her hometown, Havana, Cuba. One of the lyrics says “My heart is in Havana. Havana ooh na na.”
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