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Beard vs clean shave: what’s the better option

By Alex Richards

Many men struggle with the all-important question. should they grow out their beard or continue to keep their face clean and shaved. This question is important to many because it’s a question of how a man should address his appearance. So many factors come into play on how you want the world to see you and one of the first things that the world sees is your face.

Having a clean-shaven face is one of the most popular choices when it comes to facial hair, but is it the best? A major benefit that comes from keeping the clean shaved is you look more professional. This is a major key in the business world and leads to respect from your peers. Ladies seem to drift more towards men who keep their faces clean and well maintained. So the attraction effect is there in the case of maintaining a distinctively clean shave. A factor that sways towards the clean shaven is how it helps to improve overall hygiene. This comes from regular shaving being a way of exfoliating your skin and preventing clogged pores. A clean-shaven look also helps avoid irritating facial occurrences, including ingrown hairs that seem inevitable, without constantly keeping up with a shaving routine. Facial irritation is also an avoided concern, with the clean-shaven look. This leads to the avoidance of the weather impacting the way that your beard feels, including an itchy beard, a beard with water condensation, and a dry beard. Now, these are the benefits that come from having a clean shave.

Though, beards come with their own set of special benefits that you just cannot get with a clean shave. A major benefit is how facial hair has the power to shield your face from UV light. This, in turn, helps prevent the onset of cancer and wrinkles. Beards are also an addition that helps add to the health of your skin. Some benefits include keeping your skin moisturized, through the trapping of the skin natural oils and the added protection from the wind. A nice amount of facial hair also means less acne and no ingrown hairs. This is due to the beard being a catch device against bacteria from reaching the skin. A beard also works to protect the body from bacteria from entering through the nasal passage, by acting as a filtration system. This natural filtration system can also assist in helping reduce the effects of asthma and allergies. The most commonly known benefit that comes from having facial hair, is the warmth that comes with it. These are some of the main benefits of sporting a beard.
Now that the benefits that come from these two distinctive ways to maintain your appearance have been listed, the decision is which is the best. Between these two styles, there is not a clear winner, because both have many benefits that stem from them. So overall, the choice is one that must be made based on many factors. So, this choice comes down to the personal lifestyle that you lead.

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