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Top ten songs downloaded in 2018

By Allison Pumo

  1. “Wait,” by Maroon 5

This song was released on Feb. 8 by Maroon 5, a band consisting of five band members who started making music in 2001. “Wait” is from the album Red Pill Blues. As of today, they currently have 12 albums.

  1. “Heaven,” by Kane Brown

Ranking number nine on iTunes is “Heaven” by Brown. Brown is a 24-year-old singer who released his first album in June of 2015. As of today, he has three albums: Kane Brown, Closer, and Chapter 1.

  1. “Zombie,” by Bad Wolves

Bad Wolves was a band formed in 2017. “Zombie” was released in the album named Disobey in 2018. The band consists of five members. They have a total of three songs.

  1. “Never be the Same,” by Camila Cabello

Ranking number seven on iTunes is “Never be the Same” by Cabello. Cabello started her career as a member of Fifth Harmony. She then separated from the group and went solo.

  1. “You Make it Easy,” by Jason Aldean

Aldean specializes in country music. He has been making music since 2005. Since 2005, he’s produced seven albums and 21 singles. His most recent album is Rearview Town.

  1. “One Kiss,” by Calvin Harris

Harris is a 34-year-old DJ and songwriter from the United Kingdom. He began in 2007 and currently has a total of five albums.

  1. “The Middle,” by Zedd

Zedd is a German-Russian music producer. His real name is Anton Zaslavski. Zedd started learning instruments at an early age, but started his musical production career in 2010. As of today, he currently has seven albums and 32 singles.

  1. “Whatever it Takes,” by Imagine Dragons

Ranking number three on iTunes is “Whatever is Takes” by Imagine Dragons. Imagine Dragons is a band that started in 2008. The band consists of four people which includes a lead vocalist, guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist. They currently have 17 albums.

  1. “Meant to Be,” by Bebe Rexha and Flo Rida

Rexha officially started her career in 2010, while Flo Rida started around 2008. Rexha currently has three albums and 19 singles. Flo Rida has 11 albums and 32 singles.

  1. “Get Along,” by Kenny Chesney

Ranking number one on iTunes is “Get Along” by Chesney. Chesney has recorded 20 albums. He sings American Country music. The oldest album (In my Wildest Dream) is from 1994.

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