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Many benefits come from reading

By Alex Richards

1. Expands your Knowledge
Reading a book provides opportunities to become engrossed in a pool of knowledge. This lends itself to reading being one of the easier and fastest ways to gain knowledge. All books have little tidbits of knowledge contained within books and uncovering them is a great way to grow your overall knowledge.

2. Improves Memory
When an individual reads a book, there is a need to keep track of the information within the book. Keeping track of this quantity of information leads to the brain improving the various neural pathways that affect memory. So the more than a person reads, the stronger the effect on the brain.

3. Helps to Boost Focus
Consistent reading also gives a boost to the focus of an individual. This is because when you are focusing on a book for an extended period and paying attention to the details that are expressed, you are building your overall ability to focus. The improved focus then translates to other actions that require complete focus.

4. Self-improvement
Many books are available that are specifically meant to assist individuals in certain stages of life. These books act as a type of coach or in some ways a counselor. Books provide the ability of anyone to use an expansive library of advice to advance or climb out of unwanted situations in their life.  

5. Builds a Stronger Vocabulary
When reading, an individual is exposed to a wider range of words that are used in everyday life. So, reading allows the brain to absorb an increased amount of usable words. This leads to an enhancement of communication skills. This makes your public interactions with other people easier and more fluid, due to having an increased amount of words to express yourself.

6. Positive Impact on the Brain
Another benefit that reading gives is the positive boost a brain receives from consistent reading. When you are reading, your brain is being used to process and understand the book, which leads to your brain being strengthened everytime a book is read. The constant strengthening helps to prevent problems and mental issues, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.    

7. Entertainment Value
Reading has an entertainment value that makes it fun to know that you are gaining these benefits. This entertainment value, when explored is more expansive than most television and movies are today. Leading to reading is the entertainment that will never fade.

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