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Interesting makeup selections

By Lilika Suzuki

There are various types of makeup in life and girls and some boys chase after the trend. Mostly makeup is a practical way to look better or maybe just for fun. Nowadays, makeup has become better than it was. These are some makeup trends that was found to make people into a hippie.They are all very interesting and a little unusual.


Soap eyebrows

Simply pass the spoolie over the soap, then brush it through eyebrows to give them the prettiest feather texture. It sticks nicely and looks natural. It is also good whenever you want to change your brows shape without using makeup. With makeup, it will look even better. This makeup technique has been used in the old days too.


Coat hanger eyebrows

These are eyebrows that hang up like a coat hanger. They also look like shoes. Using thick brow pencils, draw the shape as like a hanger. The eyebrows will come out artistic and it will be funny looking at it. Only for Instagramming.


Holo brows

Put glitter on eyebrows, use makeup glue to make it stick well. Use a medium brush and put the glitter only on the tip of the brush. It looks like party makeup and seems to come off easily. It may look better if you put a little glitter on your brows. New and interesting.


Nose hair extension

Looks like an old animated daddy makeup. Draw nose hair under the nose. This makeup looks unnatural but very interesting. Any face pencil will work well. Some people use fake lashes and stick it under noses.


Feather eyebrows

This started as a joke post on Instagram that the woman is starting a new trend. Apply glue or some weird soap to your eyebrows. Then use a clean mascara brush to create a horizontal part of the eyebrow. Then use the mascara brush to fan out the hair to make it look like a feather. It’s more like a brow cut than makeup.


Lipstick eyeshadow

There is a video that performs hole lipstick makeup and I know that this will look good. It will stick to the skin with a clear color. Make sure the lipstick is completely germ-free or else it will be dangerous when it goes into your eyes. Then use an eyeliner brush to swipe the product across the lash line.


Holographic highlighter

As like the name, the highlighter is holographic and it will look good on everyone. It is natural and isn’t as weird as it sounds. Made with meteorite powder, twilight pearls, nourishing mango butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil, this vegan cream highlighter leaves the skin both hydrated and glowing. It also looks good in the dark.On Amazon, there are a lot of good reviews for the product.

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