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Top 10 things to do before prom

By Hailey Holt

  1. Have fun- This is probably the most important thing to do before, during, and after prom. This is your last high school dance if you’re a senior, and if you’re in any other grade it’s still a time to enjoy. There’s no point going through all this hassle if you don’t have a good time. These memories will be worth something years from now, so might as well make the best of them.


  1. Have everything you need to get into prom – As you know prom is usually held kind of far away, so don’t leave anything behind! Make sure you do a final check before you leave your house, and before you leave the venue. The last thing you want or need is to forget something that you need, like an ID, phone, or extra cash.


  1.  Try and get enough sleep – Prom is an all day event, maybe even a weekend event depending on your post plans. The more sleep you get before, the more energy you’ll hopefully have the day of. I’d say try and fit in a nap early in the day, but the reality is that’ll make you more tired or you might miss an appointment by doing so.


  1.  Have a prom “emergency” kit – You never know what you’ll need at prom until you don’t have it. It is never a bad idea to bring a bag or purse with just a few things you may need. For example, a charger, gum, chapstick, perfume, or anything else you can think of would be good to throw in that you think you might need.


  1.  Make appointments ahead of time – If you plan on getting your hair,nails, makeup, or anything else done, plan ahead! Most places are packed with appointments, and if you just walk in the day of, more than likely they won’t have time for you. Getting your nails done the day before or even a few days before will save you time as well. Just be careful not to chip them before the dance.


  1.  Give yourself enough time to get ready- Having time left over is always better than not having enough time. Rushing yourself will only make you nervous and anxious, so take your time. Maybe wake up a little bit earlier than usual, or take a shorter shower than you usually do to preserve time. You don’t want to be running late, especially if other people will be waiting on you.


  1.  Make a plan for post prom – Even if you think you’ll be too tired to do something for after prom, plan something anyways. Going home right after prom is never as exciting or fun as being out later with your friends. If you have no idea what to do, there is always the lock in at Funway which is included when you purchase your prom ticket at Batavia.


  1. Make a plan for pictures –  Pictures may not seem like a big deal, but years from now when you’re reminiscing about your highschool days, you’ll be grateful you took them. Having a plan for what time and where everyone is going to meet for pictures is always a good idea for any dance because it eliminates confusion. Also, having a backup plan incase the weather turns out bad is a good idea because otherwise you’re forced to have awkward pictures in the kitchen.


  1.  Make sure you know who you’re going with – Whether you go with a date or just a group of friends make sure you’re certain about it. You don’t want to last minute be placed in a group, or go with aquatiences simply because you forgot to ask your friends about the plan. Prom is a special night, and it would make it even more cherishibe if you went with the people of your choice.


  1. Figure out what you’re wearing –  Figuring out what to wear to prom is stressful. Making sure you don’t have the same dress as someone else, matching with your date, or paying for your outfit can be overwhelming. This is why it is better to get it figured out sooner rather than later. There are so many different options for what to choose, so making sure you’re comfortable is important.


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