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REVIEW: ‘Infinity War’ worth decade long wait

By Rudy A. Mix

Seventy-six characters, all developing from at least three decades of comic-book lore, ten years of moviemaking, and ten years of anticipation has led Marvel to Avengers: Infinity War. This one movie has had so much anticipation for it, and it finally came out on April 27.

It definitely fulfilled the anticipation. It is the third installment of the Avengers movie series and the 19th film overall in the Marvel cinematic canon.

The main plot of the movie goes as so: the villain Thanos wishes to destroy half the universe by collecting the relics known as the Infinity Stones. The Avengers must come together with other teams and heroes to defeat their most powerful villain yet.

The plot of Avengers: Infinity War is relatively simple while being fantastically complex with its voluminous cast of characters. It features not only the main team of The Avengers, but also another superhero team, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and stand-alone Marvel superheroes, as well.

For a movie that has as many characters as it does, Avengers: Infinity War handles the massive cast with ease, making sure there are never too many characters in one scene. It does this by putting heroes into different teams. Even with so many characters, quite a few of them having their own movies, Avengers: Infinity War makes sure to have specific main characters to focus on, giving those characters the most lines of dialogue. This decision makes it so that the massive cast is never overwhelming, but charming and interesting instead.

Throughout the whole run of the picture, the story never felt boring. It effectively gives different character perspectives so that certain scenes never go on too long while throwing everything at the viewer. With the combination of different adventures all happening at once, the story is wonderfully intertwined, showing only the most important moments of the different groups of characters. The combinations of characters put the heroes in rather serious situations with the terrifying possibility of destruction in the back of everyone’s minds during the movie. But there is still a wide variety of humor with how certain characters interact with one another, delivering enjoyable one-liners.

Despite the story being enjoyable and rather fun, there were extremely rare times when some internal conflicts with characters felt unnecessary. There was a subplot in the movie that had less than one scene that should not really have existed, for it did not go anywhere at all.

Like almost any other Marvel Studios movie, Avengers: Infinity War displays stunning special effects. The movie makes sure that every single bit of CGI (computer generated graphics) or set piece feels realistic and in its place. Even some of the least believable effects, such as floating dust, look real and interact with the world around them.

With the film’s special effects, the movie not only feels realistic in its fantastical world but also action-packed. The camera would fly across scenes, showing characters fighting in epic battles of epic proportions. Many of the fights felt well choreographed and engage the viewer with diverse angles showing the duel. This causes the viewer to watch even more, waiting for the next epic battle.

Overall, this movie radiates awesomeness from its charming characters to its world-altering events. At a long two hours and 40 minutes, many of the moments on the screen have this feeling of perfection. Therefore, Avengers: Infinity War deserves a rating of a 4.8/5.

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