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Highly anticipated movies of 2019

By Cass Norville

  1. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (March 1, 2019) – The third film in Dreamworks’ How To Train Your Dragon series, this film will focus on the main characters, Hiccup, and his dragon, Toothless, as threats fall upon Hiccup’s people and his dragons.
  2. Captain Marvel (March 6, 2019) – The first female superhero for Marvel Studios will be released in early 2019. This film will take place in the 1990s, way before the events of Avengers: Infinity War. The film is said to show the original story of the superhero and a war between two alien races.
  3. Avengers 4 (May 3, 2019) – The untitled sequel to the record-breaking Avengers: Infinity War will focus on the results of the previous film and the Avengers attempting to stop the main antagonist, Thanos.
  4. Aladdin (May 24, 2019) – The upcoming musical, adventure, romance film will be a live-action retelling of the 1992 classic Aladdin. The film will feature the popular actor Will Smith as the Genie.
  5. Toy Story 4 (June 20, 2019) – This movie will be the fourth Toy Story film from Pixar. All the characters from the previous films will be returning to search for their friend Bo Peep.
  6. Spiderman: Homecoming Sequel (July 5, 2019) – Not much is known about the plot of the movie. It will primarily focus on the story of Peter Parker and the events post-Avengers 4.
  7. The Lion King (July 19, 2019) – This live-action retelling of the 1994 Disney film, The Lion King, will be released during the summer. The film will have an assortment of actors ranging from Seth Rogen as Pumba to Beyoncé as Nala. It will be a musical similar to the original film featuring some of the old songs from the 1994 film.
  8. Wonder Woman 2 (Nov. 1, 2019) – The sequel to the popular 2017 film, Wonder Woman will focus on Wonder Woman fighting a new villain known as “the cheetah.”
  9. Frozen 2 (Nov. 27, 2019) – This will be the sequel to the 2013 film, Frozen 2. Anna and Elsa will return for the sequel. Although there is not much known about the plot, many fans are excited to see the sisters come together.
  10. Star Wars: Episode IX (Dec. 20, 2019) – Not much is known for the third and final film for the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Fans are awaiting the epic conclusion, and there have even been rumors of a “time jump” happening in the movie.
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