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Top 10 things to do before you graduate

By Hailey Holt

  1. Attend a school event you wouldn’t usually go to – Even though you may be busy with whatever sport, job, or hobbies you have going on in your life try and take the time to attend something you never have before. When you’re looking back at your experience it’ll be nice to have a variety of things to remember.


  1. Catch up with a friend you drifted from – Going into high school you may think you have a set friend group, but more times than not you drift away from certain friends and make new ones. This isn’t a bad thing, it is simply life. Before graduating it would be nice to catch up with someone you used to be close with. Find out how their doing, what they’re college plans look like, or even just to say a final goodbye.


  1. Print out photos and make an album – Everyone takes pictures of the moments or people they want to remember. This may seem old-fashioned, but printing these photos out at home or through Walgreens will allow you to make a photo album with your high school memories. Phones and computers can sometimes break, so having a hard copy is never a bad idea.


  1. Spend time with your family – Yes, we are teenagers are want to spend most or all of our time with our friends or sleeping; however, let’s not forget about our family. Majority of people leave after high school. It may be for college, or simply because we are no longer kids and want to live on our own. It is important to spend time with our family because as we are growing older, they are too.


  1. Take a road trip – Take a road trip with your friends before graduating. Choosing a long weekend or one of the seasonal breaks to take a road trip will make for great stories. We are young and free, so what a perfect time to travel before we go away!


  1. Write a letter to your future self – Years from now some of us will be graduating college, having kids, or maybe even still living in our parents’ house. We have no idea what the future has in store for us, so why not write to our future selves what we think will be going on.  


  1. Take a video walking from class to class – Most of us walk the same path every day and never think twice about it. Recording yourself walking from class to class will allow you to reminisce about your old ways, or even just look back at people you may never see again.  


  1. Go to prom – Prom is not just a random dance, it is also one of the last times you will gather with your graduating class before graduation. There is only one senior year prom in your entire life, so why not go? A night filled with dancing, food, and music with the people you’ve known for so long will be something you will want to look back and remember.  


  1.  Make a playlist of current favorite songs – There are new trends, songs, artists coming out all of the time, especially in our generation. Making a playlist of your current favorite songs will allow you to listen to it in a few years and see how much you have grown.


  1.  Enjoy the time you have – High School may seem like the longest four years of your life, but in reality, they are short compared to how many more you have to come. Most teens dream of the day they can say they’re done with high school, but once it’s over there’s no going back. Make the most of the time you have because we will never be as young as we are in high school.
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