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Top Five Places to Visit Before College

By Leah Wukitsch

Looking for some nice places to visit? Well, these places are perfect for you! Here are 10 places to visit before college.



Colorado has cute little shops and beautiful mountains. I recommend going to Breckenridge or Vail if you want to go skiing. Breckenridge also has a great Fourth of July show if you want to go during the summer. If you’re into skiing, hiking or just like being outdoors, I highly suggest visiting Colorado.



Do you love cheese curds, cows, or anything to do with cheese? Wisconsin is the perfect place to visit! Wisconsin has very cute shops and a place my family and I sometimes go to is Mars Cheese Castle which is where you can get food, cheese (of course) and other fun things. There are also a lot of farms out there so if you wanted to visit a farm you can.



There’s so much to do in Illinois, from going to downtown Geneva and getting gelato to going to Batavia and going to funway. Other than Geneva and Batavia, there’s also Naperville, Aurora, and a bunch of other places you can visit. You can also visit sporting events.



California has a TON to do. It has Disneyland, Universal, Legoland California if you have siblings, tons of popular restaurants such as In-N-Out, beautiful scenery in Mountain View which has the Pebble watch, Twitter, Google, and Apple headquarters if you or anyone you’re with is into technology.  You can also visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Another cool thing about California is that if you’re a fan of the show Full House or Fuller House, you can visit the original Full House House! You can also take a tour at Warner Bros. Studios and possibly meet a celebrity from Fuller House, The Fosters, etc. if they are filming. I got the cool experience of going on it and meeting Dave Coulier who plays Joey Gladstone on Fuller House. There are so many cool things to do here.



Florida is another cool place to visit. You can take a trip to Disney World and Universal or if you have kids you can take them to Sea World. You can walk along the beach, discover tons of new restaurants and shops, and in Fort Myers, you can go fishing if you’re interested in that. Florida is a really fun place to visit with beautiful palm trees and scenery!

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