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Q&A: Schindlbeck ‘wants the best you can offer’ in class

By Sara Nolasco

For the past 18 years, Andrea Schindlbeck has been teaching Two-Dimensional Art, Graphics, and both Photography I and Photography II. She has helped her students in Photography I see the world in a new way as they look through the lens of a camera.

Once you go into photography II, it is the beginning for the student to create their artistic style through regular darkroom and digital photography. However, in Photography II there is now creative dark room and creative digital. Allowing for students to explore new techniques as well to express themselves even more.  

The Spectator asked some of her current students about Photography I/Photography II and Mrs.Schindlbeck:


Q: How has Mrs. Schindlbeck helped you?

A: “She has taught me how to create a truly perfect photo. Though technique and creativity, beauty arises.”–Lauren Casper

Q: What have you gained from taking the class?

A: “I have learned new photography skills, how to be more creative, and to think differently. I’ve also learned that photography is a lot harder than most people think, and it requires skill and knowledge, as well as a lot of thought and time.” –Morgan Shoaf

Q: How has Mrs.Schindlbeck advised helped you in the whole creative process?

A: “By always being thoughtful and considerate of the photos and resources I have.” –Rachel Ross

Q: What was your favorite part of Photo I/Photo II?

A: “Printing small prints because I hate big prints and also project themes suck I just wanna take pretty photos and not write for it[.] Like I like this class I just don’t want to do the academic part of it I just want to print.”–Maxx Garcia

Q: How would you describe Mrs. Schindlbeck?

A: “Mrs. Sc[h]indlbeck is detailed oriented, she always wants the best of you can offer.”–Vanessa True

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