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Q&A: Jansey receives numerous college offers

2017 State Champion, Michael Jansey, has received 23 offers from Division-I schools around the country. Everyone is patiently waiting to hear where he will commit as he’s been traveling to possible future colleges. Jansey has been playing football since first grade and first started playing tackle in fourth. He has always dreamed of playing college football and is very excited about the current process of choosing a school.


Q: What are you looking for in a school?

A: “Connection to the coaches and players, it’s close to home, they treat my family nice, and have academics that are good for business.”

Q: How does it feel to go through this process?

A: “I love this process. I’ve been working for this since picking up a football and it’s the best feeling of being rewarded. I have made many connections from this and it’s been overall great.”

Q: What about this process has made it stressful?

A: “The only downside of being in this process for so long is it wears down on you because coaches push to have you committed. Also, my family is getting done with this process because of all the visits so it’s starting to get a little stressful.”

Q: Who has helped you the most during this process?

A: “Coach C and my dad. I’m very thankful for both of these guys and they mean a lot in my life. My dad has always been there for me and he’s usually the guy who is real about everything even if its bad news. Coach C is the best coach ever. He has gone through so much in this process. He hooks me up with coaches during school, after school, and helping me with events. He’s been there for me throughout the whole process and I’m just so grateful.”

Q: Do you hope to go pro?

A: “Yes, that is my dream. I promise you I will be there someday. Everyone has a plan and I’m just writing the story.”

Q: What are you most excited for in the upcoming season?

A: “Being with my brothers. It’s going to be my senior year and the last time to spend with my best friends. Everyone is coming for us so we have to defend the goal.”

Q: When will you be announcing?

A: “I don’t have a planned date but I want to get it done before school is over…”

Q: Has it been hard to balance school and football?

A: “Yes, it’s been very hard but my grades are still going well. It’s always the worse knowing you’re going to have a lot of homework but at the same time you have to call three coaches that same night. I’ve made it work, though!”

Q: How many official visits have you been on?

A: “I haven’t been on any yet but I’ve been on at least 10 or more unofficial visits. I plan to make one for sure with Iowa State and maybe one with West Virginia and Mizzou.”

Q: What is your biggest goal in your football career?

A: “To win a second state championship with my brothers, be a true freshman or true redshirt freshman, enjoy my senior year as much as I can before it’s gone, and get an offer from Michigan State.”

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