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Forty-one Batavia athletes commit to play in college

By Izzy Mach, Brandon Kalsch, and Emma Exon

Senior year is an exciting time for any young adult. But as graduation day comes closer and closer, some members of the class of 2018 are more prepared than others as they look forward to attending college with a scholarship for their sport. BHS encourages students to participate in a variety of sports, from football to fishing. Forty-one athletes have been recognized for their exceptional skills by colleges around the country.

A few sports that tend to get the most recognition are football, track, and basketball, and there is no lack of talent here in Batavia. Elijah Green is just one example of a student preparing to embark on their college journey with a scholarship. He will most likely be attending North Central on a track scholarship, though Loyola also showed interest in him. Green credits his success to working hard and making goals.

“I’ve found that setting and working towards goals has been extremely important throughout my track experience so far,” Green said. “With track being such an individualized sport, sometimes setting goals like winning a meet or placing in a certain position can be difficult because competition levels vary from meet to meet. I like to set certain distances as goals and tend to be unsatisfied if I’m not meeting those goals.”

Though their scholarships may be for athletics, these students also wish to pursue successful careers in other areas. Green, for example, wishes to pursue a career in the medical field or even music.

Another athlete recognized for her exceptional track skills is Joycelyn Young, who will be attending the College of DuPage. Young competes in the 4×100 relay, 4×200 relay, 100-meter dash, and 200-meter dash. “Rest, motivation, and dedication,” she said “If I didn’t keep my head up on my bad days, stayed positive or took care of myself, then I wouldn’t be as successful as I am now.”

Perseverance seems to be the key to success in the world of athletics. It has become apparent that none of the students granted scholarships would be where they are now without hard work. They also wouldn’t have made it this far without the support of those around them.

MaryGrace Golden, who will be going to school at Loyola, compliments those who have pushed her to be the athlete and person she is today.

“The support and push I’ve gotten from my family (mainly my dad), as well as my coach, have been what’s made me successful,” Golden said. “They all help to push me when I need it and have helped instill a work ethic that has gotten me where I am today.”

Madison McCoy, who is attending Carthage in the fall, spoke about how she made her final decision on attending the school.

“The thing that helped me make my final decision on going to Carthage was not only the incredible opportunity that I was given to play golf there but also the school itself,” McCoy said. “The size and location of Carthage is the best fit for me and I cannot wait to be there this fall.”

Nolan Eike, who will play college football for Central Michigan, reminisced on his favorite memory playing football at Batavia.

“I will remember holding up the state trophy in front of a large crowd at NIU after we beat Lake Zurich in overtime at the state championship game,” Eike said.

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