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Men’s fall fashion essentials

By Matt Gorlewski


Soon, the days of summer will be behind us. Gone will be the days of just t-shirts and shorts. Those who love to layer are in luck. Fall, being the most fashionable season, is a perfect chance to wear multiple comfy and stylish layers. If you’re looking to up your style, you’ve picked the perfect time to do so. Here a few essentials to help you look your best this season


  1. Footwear

With fall coming, socks and slides will no longer do for the season. You’re going to want something more stylish and versatile. In the realm of sneakers, you’re going to want something you can pair with most outfits. My suggestion would be to go for a pair of black or white Converse Chuck Taylors. These sneakers are timeless and will never go out of style. Or if you want something more high end, the Adidas Stan Smith Leather Sneakers. Although, if you’re looking to stand out, grab a pair of Chukka or Chelsea Boots. These go great with some dark denim and a casual button-up shirt.

  1. Pants

For the season, a dark wash pair of slim fit jeans will go with just about everything. Or if you’re looking to go a little more dressy, try grabbing a pair of different colored chinos. I recommend tan, olive and a deep red, but feel free to go with different colors if you want to get adventurous.

3. Shirts

Fall is unanimously known for being sweater and flannel season. The soft flannels and cozy sweaters are not only comfortable but stylish. You can even layer them together when it gets extra chilly!

  1.  Jackets and Coats

For this fall season, you definitely want to pick up either a denim jacket or a field jacket. These medium weight jackets go with basically anything. Versatility is key!

  1.  Accessories

This is something many men may not be familiar with, but adding a bracelet, necklace or a watch to your outfit will definitely make it pop more. There’s no real rule with these items, so most of the time, they will look good with anything! Just try and keep it minimal – don’t cover your whole forearm with bands and watches!

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