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Best entertainment in 2018

By Samantha Lewis

The year 2018 has been a wild year for entertainment. Hundreds of movies, albums, and songs have come out and have had a huge effect on the world. Everyone has a different opinion on which were the best this year, and these are the overall opinions.


Best Romantic Movie: Love, Simon

This award-winning movie has taken the hearts of many fans. The perfect mix of comedy and angst makes an amazing love story. Following the coming out of Simon Spier, the movie appeals to most audiences. It’s not a surprise the movie made $66.2 million dollars worldwide; it may truly be a cinematic masterpiece.


Best Animation Movie: Incredibles 2

After a fourteen year wait, one of the most anticipated movies of the year came out and took the hearts of people of all ages. The expectations were held high for this movie and the movie lived up to them. The animations were overall stunning, the plot was intriguing, and there was comedy that made everyone laugh, no matter what age they were.


Best TV Show: This is Us

The second season for this Emmy award-winning show ended in the middle of 2018, leaving the viewers with a mix of many emotions. The season had twist and turns that put the viewers on the edge of their seat. The show has the perfect mix of all emotions, making it a show that draws everyone in for an exciting ride.


Best Album: Camila by Camila Cabello

After Camilas’ departure from Fifth Harmony, no one knew what to expect from her. But as soon as she released her debut album, it flew to the top of the charts. It had a variety of songs with catchy lyrics that anyone could sing. The album has reached number one on the Billboard charts, and Cabello made history as the first woman with a number one album in three years.


Best Song: “Girls Like You” by Maroon Five ft. Cardi B

Any song with Cardi B is already a hit, but when you add a hit band and women empowerment to it, it’s no wonder it does well. The song has been constantly playing on the radio for over a month, making almost everyone know the words to the catchy, famous song.

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