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Top five types of teachers

By Lauren Aiken

We all have different types of teachers. Some are our favorites, while others are not so much. Here are the five most common.

  1. The strict teacher

This type of teacher is the teacher that almost everyone has had before. The kind of teacher who yells at you, gives you a lot of homework, and never lets you do anything.

  1. The laid-back teacher

This teacher is one of the best but also the worst teachers. They are good because you can do whatever you want, but sometimes the class can be boring because you aren’t learning or doing interactive activities.

  1. The story-telling teacher

This teacher spends all of the class telling stories instead of teaching. Some stories may be boring, to say the least, but; some can be very intriguing. These are some of the people’s favorite teachers and it’s definitely one of mine.

  1. The funny teacher

This teacher is always making jokes during class and always trying to make students happy and laugh. Some of their jokes are super funny, others are just awkward. They are probably up all night grading homework and looking up jokes.

  1. The teacher that’s never there

This teacher is the one that never shows up to class. They are normally gone because they have meetings, which are very important: since they help us improve our learning. There is always a sub there whether it’s the same one or a different one every day.

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