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Five stages of summer ending

By Morgan LaSalle

As school starts again we all begin to reminisce in the bliss of summer. Coping with the stresses of a new school year and a sudden change in schedule can drive anyone crazy. Let alone mourning the end of summer. Here are the five stages of summer ending to hopefully help you accept the reality of school starting.

  1. Denial. You have two days left of summer and have decided that summer homework doesn’t matter. School is just a figment of your worst nightmare at this point. You still have tons of things to do, if you could just get off the couch and stop watching Netflix.
  2. Tolerance. Ok, so you actually got out of bed. That’s a good sign. It’s the first day, so it can’t be that hard. You are excited to see your friends again and catch up on all things summer. These new teachers have no expectations of you, so no worries there. All you have to do is highlight the syllabus and remember how to write your name.
  3. Overreacting. It’s only Wednesday. You feel like you have been in school for months. It’s only been three days. You have begun to accumulate actual homework for a grade. Simple assignments cause you great stress. Things are due. You have forgotten all forms of time management to Netflix watching rations. You keep looking pictures of things you did over the summer and wishing you could go back to that simpler time.
  4. Relapse. Finally, Friday has come! And with Friday comes the weekend! The warm weather has you fooled into thinking it’s still summer break. You soon fall into old patterns. You procrastinate all responsibilities and use this time to relax. Monday won’t actually come…
  5. Acceptance. Nope, the school was not hit with an asteroid canceling Monday. This is your life now. Your reality is homework and projects. You enjoy seeing your friends every day and being able to meet new people in other classes. As you slowly fall into your new schedule you realize that it’s not so bad. School actually has some things you can look forward to.
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