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Five ways to stay organized this school year

By Anna Laurich

   Organization is one of the main things that is hard to maintain during a school year. Not being organized can affect many things such as causing more stress on top of all the homework you have and can make it easier to procrastinate on your work if you can’t find something. Organization is one of the easiest things you can do during the school year to help you feel more motivated to do homework and write notes. Here are five tips and tricks to succeed this school year!

1. Planning: This is probably the most helpful tip to use during a school year because even after doing this one step you feel a stress relief. Scheduling is a great way to shine a light on planning because you can document things you have after school or your chores you have to accomplish.  Also using your planner is very important since you can write down all of your homework, quizzes, and tests in advance.

2. Prepare the day before: Preparing the day before such as packing a lunch, charging your Chromebook, and picking out an outfit is very important because when you want extra time to sleep in the morning, this can be a lifesaver It can help if you missed your snooze alarm and are running late.

3. Clean surroundings: Having a clean room and-or clean desk can pull the stress away from your homework since you won’t be stressed about your surroundings. Then you can focus on your studies more regularly.

4. Take organized notes: Organizing your notes is very important for when those finals roll around and you need to know what you learned during the first two weeks of school. Using different colors instead of a boring pencil can keep you more interested while writing those boring notes.

5. Keeping your stuff organized: Keeping your school supplies organized in areas of your backpack is a good way to start organization. A good tip to prevent lost pencils is to keep extra pencils and supplies in a second pencil pouch.

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