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Unique things in Chicago

By Mia Wells

Our nearby city, Chicago, on Lake Michigan, is one of the most famous cities in the world. Known for its amazing architecture, history, sports teams, museums, and of course all of its Chicago-style food. With only a 45-minute train ride east you can enjoy all these extraordinary things in a day trip, but you probably already have. Millennium Park, The Bean, and Navy Pier are all very entertaining places to go but there are a lot more things to do in Chicago that you might have not even heard of.

Chicago is full of beautiful buildings but where you should really go to see amazing designs is the Tiffany Dome. You can still see the exact design made up of Tiffany Favrile glass from 1897. After, if you’re not scared of heights, go all the way up to the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower and go into the sky deck. The glass box hangs directly off the side of the building where you can even view 4 different states.

More great viewing sites are of course all the museums, but not just the Museum of Science and Industry or The Art Institute of Chicago. Check out the Video Game Art Gallery to see the appreciation and culture of video games or the very unique Museum of Surgical Science, creepily one of the people’s favorite for it’s crazy, scary, but interesting history. Other interesting and fun museums are the Leather Museum, The University of Chicago’s Smart Museum of Art, Chicago Sports Museum, or the Money Museum.

Even with all of the beautiful insides of Chicago, there are so many things to do outside. Walk the 606, an elevated 2.7 mile walk around Chicago to see the water and architecture with of course food and shops on the way. If you want to see more of Chicago take a Water Taxi to Chinatown to enjoy the beautiful water or just simply watch the waves crash at Promontory Point. See some awesome animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo or stay outside at Garfield Park.

After a long day on your feet you’ll work up a big appetite perfect for a big beef sandwich at Gym Shoe Sandwich or Al’s Italian Beef, find the hidden restaurant on a small corner, Fat Rice, and joke around with the ‘rude’ waiters at Dicks Last Resort. Indulge in the sweets and desserts in Chicago at Eli’s Cheesecake. If you like pies hit up Bang Bang Pie Shop or huge layered cakes at Atomic Cakes. Never forget to go to Margie’s Candies and get their ½ gallon ‘World’s Largest Sundae’.

There is always more to do in Chicago that you would never have known. Dive into the unknown buildings, parks, and sweets of Chicago next time you go.

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