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Fifteen items to bring to school

By Macie Rummel

Getting bored in school, or wanting ideas of what to bring? Well, I have a list of 15 things you can bring to school to make you less bored or that may be helpful.

1. Headphones
Bringing headphones will ensure you can listen to music. It could help you to focus on a test or when reading. Listening to music will also keep you entertained.

2. Phone
A phone is a great time passer. It will help you be less bored and well if you’re bringing headphones for music you need to play your music off of such as a phone. Also, it will come in handy if you forget your Chromebook.

3. Money
You never know when you’ll need money. Money comes into effect most during lunch. It’s great for buying food, drinks, and little snacks.

4. Food
School is a long 7 hours. You never know when you’re going to get hungry. There is no perfect lunch, you could easily get hungry before or after the time you get to go to lunch. The easier solution is bringing snacks to munch on throughout the day.

5. Pencil bags/ Planners
Every year most kids have the goal to do well in school. A great way to ensure that you do good is to stay organized. Bringing pencils bags and planners will make sure you are ready for class, always having something to write with and always having access to help you remember what you have coming up in the future day, or even what you have that night for homework.

6. Sweatshirt
You can’t control the temperature outside or not even inside. But, what you can control is how cold you get. Some classrooms or even just parts of the building are really cold, bringing a sweatshirt is comfy and will keep you nice and warm all day.

7. Gum
There’s proven studies that gum helps you focus and remember things when you’re studying. However, gum has more potential then to help you remember things, it’s great for when you’re bored and you want something to do, just focus on blowing bubbles. Also, it keeps your breath fresh and smelling good.

8. Deodorant
We all have those mornings where you’re running late or super tired and forget to put on deodorant. For the sake of yourself and the noses around you, just bring some to school, keep it in your backpack, so if worst comes to worst, just put some on in your first class and walk around smelling good all day.

9. Hand Sanitizer
There are lots of gross things throughout a school building. There are lots of things you’re going to touch that could easily get you sick. A simple solution is to just keep hand sanitizer in your backpack and just reapply throughout the day.

10. Tissues
You never know when you’re going to come across a bug you need to squish or catch an annoying cold. Keeping tissues with you is an easy way to not have to take multiple trips to the bathroom when a tissue is essential.

11. Chargers
Throughout the day you use both your phone and your computer all day. Keeping your chargers with you, you can be positive you can use your electronics without the fear of them dying.

12. Makeup (for girls)
After gym class or a sad video, you never know when you are going to need a touch-up. Simply keep some in your backpack and walk around looking glamorous all day long.

13. Sports/ Club stuff
You may not always have time to go home between school and the time your activity starts. Bring it with to school to make sure you’re not rushed or having to worry about getting back to school on time.

14. Pens and Pencils
Bring pens and pencils to school so you know you always have something to write with. Also, when you get bored, if you have pens and pencils you can doodle at any time.

15. Water bottle
Ever get thirsty during a class and just a little water from the drinking fountain isn’t enough? Bringing a water bottle will save you lots of trips to the drinking fountain and you will stay hydrated throughout the day.

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