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Top five struggles about being short

By Nwe Win

Being short in high school is an actual struggle whether you’re a guy or a girl. Always having tall people just roaming around and blocking your view can be irritating.  I can relate to this because every day I see tall people just looking down on me like I’m irrelevant and unnecessary to the school. But with facts aside, we can just blame it on mom and dad for not making us a taller individual.  I will be talking about the 5 biggest struggles when you are shorter than all your peers in high school.


  1. Being teased

When you are in high school and constantly being called names like shorty and other nicknames, it can get annoying sometimes even if it was meant to be taken as a joke. Let’s just accept it and move on because I know I’ll be short for the rest of my life.


  1.  Can’t see the board

I know we all have that one class where a tall person is sitting in front of you and you can’t see the board for life. It can be a pain when you have to go on your tippy toes in order to see the board. It can get bothersome when for the 100th time you have to tell a classmate to move his head and that he is blocking your view.


  1. Getting shoved into the crowd

High schools always have so many students in the hallway. It can get hectic and out of control when we are “ trying” to get to class. There are couples trying to talk to each other and making out in the hallways,  and people throwing stuff at each other while you are in the middle getting shoved.


  1. Running slower

In gym class when your teacher tells you to have to run as an exercise, the taller people always tend to get ahead and you can’t keep up. Them taking one step is literally us take three steps and it is probably the funniest thing because it’s basically equivalent to Jerry trying to chase Tom.


  1. People use our size as comfort

People in school like to lean on short people’s shoulders whenever they get tired because it is easier to reach.  But c’mon, just because I’m short, does not mean that I am meant to be used as a pillow.

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