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Top ten things to get in the cafeteria

By Stana Burke

Do you never know what to get in the cafeteria? Or are you just tired of getting the same things? Well, this top 10 list gives you some options to choose from!


  1. Bistro Burger~ This is a burger patty with a pretzel bun, then cheese is put on the patty, then you can pick from some toppings, such as mushrooms, peppers, and more.
  2. Mashed potatoes. They are creamy and you have the option of adding a flavorful gravy.
  3. Ice cream sundaes- You can choose from any toppings you want and if you wanted you can buy some extras like cookies or chocolate to add.
  4. Any type of salad- The salad bar has great variety. If you are looking for a creamy salad or no dressing at all, the salad bar is perfect.
  5. Chicken sandwich- It isn’t very heavy to consume and the bread is nice on it, too.



  1. Gummy worms- They have a nice texture without too much stick so they don’t get all stuck to your teeth.
  2. Cookie- The cookies are nice and soft and have a good amount of chocolate chips.
  3. Arizona Iced Tea- You can pick from a few types depending on the day, but the Arnold Palmer is the best one to get.
  4. Coffees- You can get a wide variety of coffee from a mocha to hazelnut. You can also choose from an iced coffee or a hot coffee.
  5. The chip variety- No matter if you’re in the mood for some spice, or maybe you would like some salt, you can get any chip you want.
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