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OPINION: Technology positively impacts learning

By Lauren Aiken

Phones, Chromebooks, and smartwatches are all drastically incorporated into the new way of learning. The new technology is improving students learning inside and outside of school. There are many ways students can use technology while learning. Many kids think it’s significantly better than paper and pencil.

An article stated that Chakeitha Johnson, a 17-year old ninth-grader said, “You don’t feel stupid asking the same question over and over again, The computer doesn’t get mad at you for going through a tutorial three or four times.”

Students prefer technology because it helps them concentrate and they can take their time on their work.

According to a Virginia-based PBS learning media survey, educators have been surveyed on technology. About 74 percent of teachers said technology is key to a good education. Another 74 percent said it is a motivational tool that keeps students going. Seventy-three percent said it helps teachers with new learning styles. These educators support technology in learning and heavily support the use of it in class. Students especially enjoy unique, fun, and creative learning styles.

Janelle Cox stated in an article called Benefits of Technology in the Classroom “By embracing and integrating technology in the classroom, we are setting our students up for a successful life outside of school.”

This demonstrates that many educators think technology has a successful part in the student’s futures. During a survey, 69 percent of teachers said technology has helped more than ever before for their students and their education. Teachers think that this is the best some of their students have ever done in school.

Others think differently. Some people believe that technology impacts students learning negatively. Parents and teachers may think that kids can cheat while using technology or it will “rot their brain. ” Although some think this, using technology can save paper. In the year 2015-2016, Mrs. Sengenberger, a sixth-grade science teacher at Rotolo Middle School switched to technology to save paper. By the end of the school year, the class saved over 39,360 pieces of paper which is equal to five mature trees.

Overall, many educators, parents, and students think that technology in the classroom can have a positive impact on learning. Even though some have other negative opinions on technology, most students prefer to go at their own pace. Technology is one of the things that help them do it.

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