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Q&A featuring a Winona State commit, Ava Sergio

By Morgan Haug

Batavia High School varsity basketball player Ava Sergio has planned to pursue her basketball career in college. This is insight on Ava’s past and future basketball seasons.


Q: What influenced your decision to commit to Winona State as a basketball player?  

A:  “The coaching staff was like no other and I got close with the team very easily.”


Q:  Did you hit any bumps in the road as you began aiming to play college basketball?

A:  “Yes. Staying mentally strong is the hardest part. I knew I wanted to play in college since middle school, so for a long time I had to keep working towards that goal even when things got extremely tough.”


Q:  What are you most excited for in your next four years?

A:  “I am really excited to play at the next level and be trained harder than I ever have before to become the best player I can be.”


Q:  Who and what got you to accomplish playing college basketball?

A:  “All my coaches and trainers over time have helped me get to where I am today but Blair Fox, who is my trainer and now a good friend, has helped me tremendously. She is the person who brought me to the next level mentally and physically. She has taught me an incredible amount and I am very grateful for her.”


Q:  What have you learned over the years as you have played basketball?

A:  “I have learned who I am as a person, player, and a teammate.


Q:  Has your high school basketball team influenced you in positive or negative ways? If so, how?

A:  “Last year our team really stepped up and became a better team all together and it was not just about winning games. We made the season more enjoyable and that is what made us win. I also learned how to be a leader and show that through my game, but also vocally.”

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