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Ten expensive items that are worth the money

Ten expensive items that are worth the money
Not many items are worth spending a lot of money on, but these ten items are definitely worth the money and high price tags.
1. AirPods
Not only are they very convenient because they are small and portable, you can take them everywhere. The wires do not get tangled so you don’t have to waste your time untangling them in order to use them. They hold a constant 12- hour charge so they don’t need to be charged always. If you have an an Apple phone they use the same charger so you don’t need to buy a different charger.

2. Lululemon leggings
One hundred dollar leggings does not sound worth the money, but it is. They are really high-quality and last a long time so in the long run, it is actually saving money. Buying cheap leggings over and over because they ripped is eventually going to be more money than buying one high-quality, expensive pair of leggings.

3. American Eagle jeans
In comparison to other jeans, American Eagles are by far the comfiest. They are stretchy so it doesn’t feel like jeans that are being worn. The sizes run true to size so when someone is trying to buy jeans they don’t have to worry about trying on a ton of different sizes to find the one that is their size.

4. Birkenstocks
The “Jesus sandal” that can be worn with everything, they match pretty much every outfit so the amount of wear makes the 100-120 dollars worth it. High-quality material is used so it will last a long time. They can be worn for after sports, or just for wearing to be cute, they are very multi-purposeful.

5. iPhone
By far the most important part of a phone is the fact that it gives users the ability to communicate with others. It gives people a few different ways of communication such as: social media, and also just plain text and call. It is also a way to keep busy and avoid boredom.

6. Hydro Flask water bottle
These are one of the most expensive water bottles, but it is fully worth it because of how long the water stays cold and how much water it can hold. There are many different sizes for the amount that suits your wants and needs. Also it can be especially for one’s self because it comes in a variety of colors and styles to make each person happy.

7. North Face jacket
These are some pretty pricey jackets, but are totally worth it. The material is super soft and keeps you warm on the coldest days. There are many different colors and styles, even though the most important part of a jacket is to keep warm it can do both while having really good quality.

8. Fjallraven Kanken backpack
These are so high quality and are even waterproof. When it is raining there is no worry about it getting wet. They are also super high-fashion,cute, and look good with pretty much every outfit. One hundred dollars is a lot of money for a backpack, but it is totally worth it when it comes to this one.

9. Kendra Scott necklace
A really cute necklace that is 65 dollars and is worth the high price tag. It matches with each and every outfit and makes each one cuter when it’s on, so it is worth the investment. It is not wasted money buying this.

10. Nike gym shoes
These are super good for the foot and it supports very well. They are cute and look good with every sporty outfit and is totally worth the typically over 100 dollars and that is not cheap for shoes and is a high price tag.

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Bre Venditti:

hey grace, i found this article super helpful. i was really interested in many of these products for my son and i think he will enjoy them all with the thoughts you had on them.