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Homecoming: Solo vs Duo

By Venessa Plourde

Homecoming: Solo vs Duo

Everyone has their ideal night of fun. Is it making your night magical by slow dancing your special someone? Or is it spending the night with your good friends jumping around and falling all over each other? What’s YOUR ideal night of fun?



Going to homecoming alone makes a night of endless opportunities. You have a night of complete freedom. Anything is possible. Sometimes dancing with friends looking like complete fools is all you need for a successful night. You can let your guard down and let yourself be who you are. You may even find yourself shouting the wrong words to the music and singing completely off pitch but it doesn’t matter because your having fun.


Being asked to homecoming is so fun, especially getting cute photos of the proposal and posting it all over instagram. And at pictures, you have your cute date to strike a pose with. When that time of the night comes and the slow song comes on you get your disney movie moment. We’ve all wanted one.


Watching all the couples being lovey-dovey while their dancing makes you feel kind of awkward when you’re just observing by yourself. It can feel lonely seeing your peers with their dates, then you find yourself wanting to be in a relationship instead of focusing on enjoying your night.


Trying to impress your cute date isn’t exactly effortless. Going the extra mile to make everything perfect isn’t easy. When you see the groups of friends jumping to the beat and screaming the lyrics with a free spirit makes you want to have that freedom. Freedom from trying to impress, or hold up a reputation. Feeling like your tied down limits the amount of fun you’ll experience.


Both solo and duo have their own share of ‘fun’ and ‘not so fun’. However you’re showing up to homecoming, make your night your ideal fun!

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Jerrina Plourde:

I like the honesty. Great article!