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REVIEW: Burrito Parrilla Mexicana is a hit

By Morgan Haug

Ever have an intense craving for an authentic Mexican meal with fresh ingredients and varied flavors from Mexico city?

Burrito Parrilla Mexican takes pride in their hard work in there to create a spectacular meal.

Burrito Parrilla Mexicana is a new, authentic Mexican restaurant located on Randall Road in Batavia, Il. Not only are they in Batavia, but they have multiple locations around the county. Burrito Parrilla carries anything from breakfast to dinner entrees, including tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and salads. They continue to stay authentic while serving modern day, fresh food. Customers have fallen in love with the consistency of their food and the overall taste.  In addition, asides from Burrito Parrilla’s incredible service, free chips, and salsa are offered by to customers.

“Their food is very fresh. I am a vegetarian and I was able to purchase a vegetarian option which was extremely tasty,” said Batavia resident Amy Bleakley.

Burrito Parrilla has various options and meal courses to choose from.

Some do not agree with Bleakley’s assessment.  

“It was overpriced for the way my meal tasted. The food was mediocre,” said Sarah Stasell.

Burrito Parrilla customers have multiple varied opinions.  Many say that the restaurant consists of fresh flavors and real meals. Others not so much. On the downfall, based on reviews and my past experiences there, customers have noticed that staff members could use more efficient training because the workers seem nervous. Negative reviews have been posted about service and the human interactions between buyers and workers.

Overall, Burrito Parrilla has more positive reviews from satisfied customers, than not. They provide a quick and easy option for a Mexican food craving. Since the restaurant has been up, they have received positive feedback and encouragement to keep doing what they are doing to satisfy customers. Their authentic meals and great service leaves me to only want to go back every time I go.

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