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OPINION: Kavanaugh’s accusers handled the issue very poorly

By Joe Caltagirone

Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of sexually assaulting three women. The women state that he abused them during his time in high school and college. I am not defending Judge Kavanaugh. Rather I am taking a glance at his attackers, almost completely Democrats, and their stances before a decision was made. I am also looking at the evidence plainly as it appeared and trying to remove personal biases. These politicians are not taking into account a lack of evidence in exchange for political gain. They are also victimizing the women a second time by making this issue political, not a matter of determining if he, in fact, did sexually assault these women.

Two opinions that the public seems to be attaching on to are a. We should believe all women and their accusations, and b. the statement, “What happened to innocent until proven guilty?” Neither of these beliefs should be taken seriously because, with the former, of course not all women should be taken seriously. They are just as likely to lie as a man. While the latter isn’t relevant either because the court of public approval isn’t a criminal trial. What both the public and Senate should do to formulate stances is somewhere in the gray area. We should be looking at the credibility of the accusations and the evidence provided. If we don’t do this, we will fall to the controversial biases that already exist and nothing will be accomplished. The problem is some (not all) democratic leaders are succumbing to these biases.

Democratic leaders are promoting the idea that we need to believe the accuser in any scenario, and this is just not a good idea. In this case, there is a very small amount of physical evidence but lots of feelings. And not to say that the Professor Christine Blasey Ford cannot be trusted, but more evidence is needed to make an informed decision. And while some people have recognized this, lots of politicians and activists are overlooking this and making it a political pursuit. What they are doing is using Judge Kavanaugh’s political views to replace evidence, and using identity politics to say that there is a high chance he assaulted these women. This is immoral and unethical. Turning the plights of both Kavanaugh and the women during this controversial event into a political game is simply disgusting. Both Kavanaugh’s family and the accuser’s family have received death threats and humiliation. To use political views during something that should only be about the truth and justice is just inappropriate.

These women are brave in the fact that they are coming out and addressing their feelings during a time when many people will accuse them of lying and using the system for publicity or political reasons. Whether or not the women are telling the truth, they are coming out and speaking their mind during a controversial time. And while there’s still debate on if they were victims at all in the first place, it cannot be negotiated that they have been victimized by the leaders making this a partisan issue. I am certain that when these women came forth with their sides of the story, their intent was not for the event and their opinions to be politicized. The case isn’t a political one; it should be about determining if Judge Kavanaugh is the best choice for the Supreme Court.

The attackers of Judge Kavanaugh were at times amoral and inappropriate. They caused more suffering for the accusers and demonstrated that they valued feelings and emotions rather than objective facts and evidence. While I have no strong opinion on if Judge Kavanaugh is approved, I do hope the Democratic party will change some of their strategies in the future.

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